Wapack Trail

The Wapack Trail is a popular twenty-one mile, ridgeline hiking trail that passes through Windblown, well marked by yellow triangles. It was created in 1922, by Frank Robbins and Marion Davis. In 1963 Al Jenks bought the land that is now Windblown from Marion Davis.

When there is snow on the ground, use of the Wapack Trail on Windblown property is restricted to trail ticket holders on skis or snowshoes. Winter hiking is not allowed, as footprints are dangerous to skiers. Ticket holders are permitted to park in our parking lot. For snowshoers or skiers passing through, the fee is the lowest part-day trail fee. Please inform the Ski Shop staff if you will be returning to your car after 5 pm.

Special notice regarding hiking at Windblown: We no longer allow hiking on the ski trails here except on the Wapack Trail after mud season in late April, until it snows in late fall. The Wapack Trail passes through Windblown property and many other privately owned lands. Our neighbor has closed the section of the Wapack Trail that crossed his land just to the east of Windblown which included Stony Top and the Old Farm Trail. The Wapack Trail has been re-routed through Windblown. Please honor private property signs. You can view the re-route on our Trail Map – follow the yellow triangles.

Parking for Wapack Trail hikers continues to be along the west side of Route 124 at the top of the hill where the trail crosses the highway and across the road where the driveway is wide. Hikers are asked not to park in Windblown’s parking lots.  We are working with Friends of the Wapack to establish permanent off-road parking near this section of the trail.

Windblown provides the only sites on the Wapack Trail where camping is permitted. We have two shelters that are rented for overnight use year-round. Advance reservations are required. Some years the Warming Hut is available to rent by the night in the Spring or Fall. See Accommodations.

Wapack Trail guidebooks and maps are available to buy in our Ski Shop during the ski season. They may be purchased year round at Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) in Peterborough, NH, or from Friends of the Wapack

Useful distances:

1. From the southern end of the trail at Rte. 119 in Ashby, MA, to Windblown, it is 9.1 miles, a four to five hour hike over four small mountains.

2. From Windblown to Rte 101, at the base of Temple Mountain in Peterborough, NH, it is 6.9 miles, a three to four hour hike, through a valley and over a long high ridgeline.

3. From Rte. 101 to the northern end of the trail at the base of North Pack Monadnock Mountain, on Mountain Road in Greenfield, NH, it is 5.4 miles, a two to three hour hike, over two mountains.

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