Trail Descriptions

In 1970, when I moved to the land, there was one trail, the Stagecoach Road. At one time it was the main route between Boston and Keene, NH. Now it is the northern boundary of the trail system. In two years I cut and bulldozed eight miles of trails on and around Barrett Mountain. Over the years the trail network has expanded to twenty-five miles or forty kilometers. The trails have been widened, the drainage improved and the surfaces smoothed to accommodate wider and heavier grooming machines on less snow.

The trails are suitable for all ability levels and are rated with a degree of difficulty in relation to this area. Ski our easiest trails first to see how they relate to your ability. Trails are marked with green, blue, and black symbols denoting easiest, more difficult, and most difficult. We have ten kilometers of easiest, fourteen kilometers of more difficult and eight kilometers of most difficult trails. The most difficult trails on Barrett Mountain are some of the steepest you will encounter at a groomed cross country area. If you see a caution sign, it means that skiers and snowshoers should be prepared for more of a challenge. Numbers at the intersections correspond to numbers on the map. If the numbers are decreasing it means that you are heading towards the Ski Shop. You can purchase a trail map in the Ski Shop, and for your convenience, trail maps are posted throughout the trail network as well.

Snowshoers are welcome to use all the trails, but are asked to stay out of the set ski tracks. We have eight kilometers of trails exclusively for snowshoeing and backcountry skiing. 

Skiers often remark about how much they enjoy the variety on our trails. There are fields, valleys, four ponds and a hilltop with a view of Mt. Monadnock, accessible by easy trails. The Open Slope on Barrett Mountain is a great place to practice turns, enjoy a superb view, and to have a picnic at the Mountain Top Shelter. Or plan to meet at the Valley View Shelter for a peaceful moment. The Warming Hut has a woodstove and makes a great destination for young skiers, also reached by green trails. It is a popular place to rent overnight for a private winter’s eve gathering. And just in case you need them, there are eight outhouses located along the trails. Our land is designated a Tree Farm, so you may notice timber stand improvements. Please leave your dogs at home. 

I have skied a lot of places, but I always enjoy coming home to these trails because they say, “ski me one more time”. I hope you can enjoy their magic. 

Al Jenks

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