Our ski trails are groomed with the latest and greatest Pisten Bully 100 and Pisten Bully 160 snowcats with blades, front renovator, tillers, and track setters. We also use  three snowmobiles with various attachments including a new Ginzu groomer.

On weekends and holidays we groom all the trails that have sufficient snow. Some trails have two sets of tracks and are not for skating. Other trails have a skating lane and a single set of tracks. The Open Slope on Barrett Mountain is groomed without any tracks and tracks are not placed on hills. Our teaching field has four sets of tracks and an open area with a gentle hill to practice various techniques. The black trails are the last to be groomed. We groom most of the backcountry/snowshoe trails after significant snowfalls. The steepest backcountry/snowshoe trails are not groomed.

When we can offer good skiing mid-week, we groom about a third of the trail system each day. When the skiing or weather is marginal, the Ski Shop is closed, but you may still ski after paying a trail fee in the Waxing Shed. Occasionally we need to close the trails due to weather or snow conditions. Be sure to call ahead or check the Conditions page.

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